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No Gift Vouchers on 27-May-2013

There will be no redemption of points for eGV on 27-May-2013. All pending requests will be carried forward to the next redemption date, 30-May-2013.

Good news for free downloaders

The waiting time between files for free downloaders has been reduced, especially for small files. Also, speed limit has been increased from 1 to 2 Mbps.

No payment processors

Payza blocked our account on 4th July and Paypal then blocked our account on 6th July. Not only are these accounts blocked but our balances are also frozen for 6 months.
We have been looking for a new payment processor and hopefully we will have some new avenues soon. In the meanwhile, points redemption for eGV is on hold. Our primary concern right now is to pay for the servers and internet connection so that the site remains functional.

Unplanned downtime

FilesFlash was offline for about 15 hours due to a failed ethernet switch which made our main servers inaccessible. As a token of apology, we are adding 2 days to the premium expiry date for everyone. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Now earn even more points

We have made our points calculation more generous. The points per download calculation is still done every 6 hours, but the result will now be 40% to 70% higher than earlier. Cheers.

P.S.: max is still 400 points per download.

Flipkart gift vouchers are now available against points redemption

Our first 3rd party redemption option is now active. We now offer you gift vouchers of
Shortly, we also plan to introduce gift vouchers of and If there are any others you want to have, tell us and we will explore the possibility.

More redemption options coming soon

We have received some excellent feedback from a few uploaders, and based on that we will be introducing more redemption options in the very near future. Most of them are in the form of gift coupons / vouchers at online shopping websites so you can either use them yourself or pass them on as gifts.

Keep those thinking caps on and send us more suggestions. We want to give the maximum possible redemption options to our uploaders.


We have introduced a new points system for our uploaders. Some points are added to your account every time a file uploaded by you is downloaded. These points can be redeemed to avail various benefits. Currently, we are offering premium for you and your friends. Later, we plan to add many more redemption options. Read more on the Points page.

Affiliate program closed

We are shutting down our affiliate program with immediate effect. Balances in the old affiliate accounts will be paid but we are not able to give a time commitment at this point.

Uploader payments will be delayed

Uploader payments will be delayed. We are reviewing files and users.

Small problem with the database

There was a small problem with our database a short while ago and all premium accounts were showing up as not premium. Kudos to our tech team for getting everything back online within the hour. We have added an extra day to all premium accounts just to say 'Sorry'.

We are now paying uploaders every Wednesday

We just sent out our first uploader payments. From now on, we will be paying uploaders (and referrers and webmasters, too, of course) every Wednesday for earnings up to Sunday.

Payment method added

We are now accepting payments via AlertPay also. Uploaders can also choose AlertPay to receive payments.

Introducing FilesFlash Uploader

We are pleased to announce the first beta release of our Windows based uploader application. It runs quite a bit faster than simple HTML upload, and it also supports resuming of interrupted uploads.

The app is still in beta, so there may be a few bugs, but it is a fully functional app so you should be able to use it to upload files more efficiently.

Please download it, install it and use it to upload files. Feedback can be sent to

Introductory offer ending soon

Grab your subscriptions at cheap prices while it lasts. Subscription prices will jump to their normal values from 1st July 2011.

Convert your earnings to subscriptions at a discount

We have some good news for our uploaders. You can now convert your earnings into subscriptions at two-thirds of the going rate. To do this, visit your 'My Account' page and click on 'Convert earnings to subscription'.

FilesFlash launched

- snip - The red ribbon has been cut. FilesFlash is now officially launched.